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Director's Message


Prof Johar said

It is with immense pleasure that I welcome you to the academic year at ACS, Peshawar. The college will ensure that people from all walks of life have access to education. Alaqalam college system is not just an educational institution but a Movement that strives for Academic Excellence and develops those in our care as integral human beings .We are committed to impart quality Education and provide Holistic Development to our Student. The college is committed to promote Excellence through its untiring efforts. With our Belief ,Unity and diversity .ACS is home Away from Home for all students Irrespective of Caste, creed, language gender and nationality .The most valuable assets of our college is the group of our competent and dedicated staff ,who enables the students to take the Challenges of a competitive and self centered world outside ,they nurture and nourish each and every Individual who step into the college with utmost care so that a new generation of leaders and moral uprightness can be brought forth . We are here to help you grow into self-disciplined and socially responsible individuals who are capable of imbibing true light and wisdom. We welcome you to be a part of the wonderful Academic milieu of ACS and Experience the real Excitement of Student life. Wish you a successful and Fruitful Academic Year a head!

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We Provide Educational Solutions

AL Qalam College System is the first college in peshawar that provide the access of Personal Information, Course contents, Online Library, Academics Records and Online Education Portal to Students and Teachers. In our best Educational Solutions some of the best practices are


Online Courses Facilities

Student or Instructors can see if any new course or Subject annouced by College


Student Admin Panel

Every Student will have the access to their activities which include their Financials, Attendances, Notifications, Class Performance, Course Details and Much more.


Perfect Guidelines

Our Experienced and talented instructors properly Guide students related to their Career Path and many other things.


Al Qalam college provides the following facilities to their students.

Hi Tech Classrooms
Advance Curriculum
Student Assessment

Social Responsibility
Health and Fitness

Character Building
Computer LAB

UPS & Generator
Telephonic Contact

CoC Software
Open Day
Team Result Meetings

By Appointments
School Diary
Students Portal

We Have More than 5000 Student with Academy Join !







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Popular Courses We Offer

In Al Qalam college we offer variety of courses in College and Academy as well, they are

We Focus On Education, Technologies & Best Practices

Al Qalam college students learns the best practices in their domains and guided by the experienced and talented instructors. We focus on building student positive attitude, enhancing student hidden skills and talent and push them to achieve more to get succeed.

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Our Awesome Teachers

Al Qalam college has experienced and talented instructors who itself still learning new concepts and explore new searches in their respective areas